Dancing is a sport for fitness

Dancing. With movement and movements, it causes the involvement of all the muscles of the body, and it is one of the factors of fat burning and removal of body fat, and on the other hand, it makes the thighs and hips shapely and beautiful, and on the other hand, it makes the body fit and beautify the body. Because recreation is interesting and useful for our body and mind, it also strengthens the senses of sight, hearing and dexterity;

Does dancing increase and widen the thighs and hips?

Does dancing burn body fat?

Does dancing give us a beautiful body?

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Dancing is one of the best ways to bring physical activity into our lives. One of the reasons for the popularity of this rhythmic sport is its multiple and different types, which are compatible with different tastes of people. It is useful for everyone. To stay healthy, experts suggest that everyone participate in physical activities with moderate intensity for 30 minutes at least five times a week.
These activities increase your heart rate and breathing and warm you up. You don’t have to be panting and sweat. As long as you can continue these movements for 30 minutes, it is enough. And it is interesting to know that dancing can also be a part of these physical activities. Most dance styles, even the slow waltz, have an intensity roughly equal to the average 3 miles walk.

People who dance alone even in the walls of a room do not do any harm, because by doing this they raise their heart rate and breathing. Continuous dancing reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cancer. In addition to these advantages, you will enjoy this work so much that you will even forget that you are exercising! Burning calories, dancing also makes you fit and slim. With increasing age, it becomes very difficult to prevent weight gain because increasing age is related to decreasing muscle volume and increasing body fat volume.
But one of the benefits of dancing is burning calories. In a 30-minute dance session, an average person weighing 60 kg will burn at least 99 calories. Of course, this issue varies in different dance styles. You will certainly burn more calories with more lively dances.

It is useful for bones and joints. Dancing reduces the possibility of osteoporosis, because the dance steps put pressure on the bones, which helps them stay strong and dense.


The denser your bones are, the stronger they will be and the less likely they will break if you fall or fall. Also, lively dance movements are useful for muscles and joints and prevent joint swelling. It activates a person, the excitement of dancing makes a person jump, and maintaining balance and coordination while dancing increases his physical strength. This issue causes people to be able to maintain their balance more easily in their daily life and eat less land and also become more lively and active.

The mental benefits of lively and fast dances keep the brain active as well. Exercise increases blood circulation and in this way oxygen reaches the brain more easily and faster. Also, learning different movements and difficult dance steps will make the mind to struggle. Researchers have found that dancing prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and insanity.
Exercise not only slows down the deterioration of the brain, but also increases the power of the brain. Experience has shown that listening to music while dancing multiplies this ability. Social benefits Another great benefit of dance is about social life. Even though dancing alone has enough benefits for your health, but dancing in a group or two will make you strengthen your soul by finding new friendships or strengthening past friendships in addition to these physical benefits. .


The feeling of belonging to a gathering, group or community is one of the keys to achieving a happy life. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a party, you can take advantage of this beautiful and rhythmic sport by participating in dance classes. Strengthening the spirit Most of the dance styles have many benefits for stretching the nerves. When you dance, you can let your mind fly wherever you want and reach inner peace.
Researchers have found that continuous dancing prevents the occurrence of mental illnesses such as depression. Also, by learning difficult dance moves and steps, a person gets a sense of success, which is great for strengthening the spirit and self-confidence.


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