The secret of missing a husband; Man, make your life depend on you

The way to make men miss you to miss your husband

Women like their husband to think about them all the time. When a husband is away from his wife for reasons such as travel or work, his wife is happy to see signs of longing in his man’s behavior. In response to the question of what kind of women do men miss, we must say that it is not easy, but it can be done. To make your spouse miss you, you need to find effective ways and apply them in your life together. The best and most practical ways include the things that you will read in this section about having a wife and a humid lifestyle .

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Do not show too much self-dependence

It is true that expressing love to your wife is one of the best ways to make men miss you, but if this expression of interest and dependence is too much, you may ruin the work. No man becomes dependent on a wife who shows herself to be too dependent on him; Your husband likes to see self-esteem and independence in you so that he enjoys being with you more.

Sometimes be out of reach

It is not right to always be by your wife’s side and avoid her. Sometimes being away for a short period of time, but to a reasonable extent that does not harm your life together, can have a positive effect on missing your husband. In your absence, he will feel the pleasure of being with you more and will feel the need to be there.

don’t sing

Seriously implement this issue in your life and to make your husband love and keep him dependent, completely leave the annoying habit of nagging.

Do not make your wife feel captive

You fully understand what we mean and you know how a woman captures her husband and by depriving him of his natural freedoms in life, makes the relationship dark. In order to become the most important person in your wife’s life, we strongly recommend that you stay away from the habit of excessive control and anything that makes her feel like a prisoner in life, so as to make her always miss you and fall in love with you.

Romantic phone calls

In phone calls, convey your romantic feelings to him. Use words that distinguish him from everywhere and show the special importance he has for you.

Surprise notes

Surprise him with a special and pleasant note. Notes that show your feelings and importance to him can boost your mood and connection.

Unique communication

When communicating remotely, use methods that are unique and comparable. This can range from sending picture messages to personal jokes.

Be blameless without complaint

Instead of complaining and blaming your wife’s distance, accept her without blame. Expressing your feelings about her is a way for her to feel that you understand and respect her situation.

opportunity to miss

Let your husband give himself the chance to miss himself in the long distance. This can encourage him to have a deeper connection with you.

review memories

Reminisce about happy memories together. This will help you have a stronger connection.


Men love compliments, so to make the man in your life crazy, instead of criticizing him, praise him and show him how valuable and important he is to you.

Management of discomfort

Let your husband talk to you about his troubles and problems. This shows that you care about solving his problems.


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