How to gain the respect of others?

Maybe you have been upset by this issue that others do not respect you. No one values ​​your words. Others insult you or talk bad to you. They treat you nervously.

Do you want others to respect you?
Do you want to be greeted with respect wherever you go?
Do you want them to talk to you more calmly?
Do you want to always be polite?

All this is possible. You just have to respect yourself. Accept the responsibility that it was you who attracted this bad behavior of others towards you . If you don’t respect yourself, others won’t respect you either.

You may say that there is no problem with your behavior. You might say that you talk well with everyone. You get the respect of others. But still others do not respect you. These things are not important at all. You must respect yourself. Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you. If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect others to respect you.

How should we behave so that others respect us?

1. Being serious
are respectable people who are serious and don’t constantly look for jokes with others. It’s a good joke, but it has its own place. Do not overdo the joke.

2. Speaking loudly and clearly
Do you respect people who speak softly or people who speak firmly and clearly?
From now on, speak clearly. If you have a problem in speaking, make sure to spend time improving your speaking skills.
When you speak loud and clear, the other party subconsciously understands that you are an important person and want to speak with value. So he listens to you.

3. Fixing the posture
of standing and not sitting has a great effect on the respect of others. No one respects a person who stands and sits sloppy. Try to always stand and sit as straight as possible, and walking straight also has a great effect on respecting you.
4. Behaving politely
As we want others to respect us, we should respect others in the same way. In Persian language, we generally use the terms courtesy and respect, because these two should be together.

5. Wearing the right clothes
The way you dress reflects your personality. So always wear appropriate clothes. Choose a dress that shows your personality. Have nothing to do with fashion. He is a civilized person who always has his own style and has nothing to do with the way others dress.

6. Valuing ourselves
When we value ourselves, we unconsciously make others respect us. By valuing ourselves, we respect ourselves. We consider ourselves worthy of the best things.

By observing these things, you can notice the strange respect of others towards you. These behaviors that I explained above, you will get results quickly, but in order to continue to respect others towards you, which you definitely want, this respect should be continuous. You have to repeat these actions and behaviors constantly so that it becomes a part of your existence and subconsciously you are serious and stand straight so that others will always respect you.
If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will respect you. Our world is a mirror inside us, a mirror of our behavior. We must be good to ourselves first so that others can be good to us.
Self KnowledgeIt helps us a lot. To understand who we are and what kind of morals and behavior we have and what kind of personality we have. To whether our current behavior, morals and character are really correct and have no problems and we are getting good results from them. Or that they have a problem and we have to try to make them better and better every day, to get the result that we want to get from the world.


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