Some hidden features in Samsung phones

Samsung makes some of the stylish Android phones on the request, and Galaxy bias have a lot to offer druggies. Some features of Samsung bias may be unknown to all druggies; In this report, we introduce some retired features that make the use of Galaxy phones more unique.

Taking a selfie with a voice command numerous Samsung phones allow you to take prints and vids handsfree using voice commands or hand gestures launch the camera app. Tap the gear icon in the top left corner of the app and open Settings. Scroll down to open imaging styles. Turn on Voice Commands or Palm Display. Place the phone in a safe place and stand in front of the camera. To take a selfie or record a videotapesay‘ rubbish‘,’ Shoot or smile‘ or’ Record videotape‘ to vids. You can also hold your win up in front of the phone until the camera timekeeper starts taking a print through the front or back camera.

Strengthen the protection of your phone by opting the Secure brochure option

Samsung helps cover druggies by adding Secure Folder. This is an translated brochure defended by Samsung’s Knox security platform. This brochure adds an redundant subcaste of security and encryption for your important lines.
How to enable Secure Folder on Samsung phone

  • Open the settings.
  • Scroll down to find Biometrics and Security.
  • Click on” Secure brochure“.
  • To use the brochure, you need a Samsung account. Your phone will ask you to produce an account or sign in to your current phone.
  • Samsung states that Secure Folder requires numerous warrantsincluding access to your phone’s timetableconnectionsstorehouse, and apps. Accept all to continue.
  • Choose how to lock your secure brochure. In addition to biometrics, you can use a patternLeg or word.
  • Enter the cinch system doublyalso confirm it.
  • After setting the brochurerun the app from the app screen or home screen.
  • Click the else sign or three perpendicular blotchesalso add lines.
  • You can elect any lines you want and also add them all to the brochure. In the case of apps, a dupe of the app is created and placed in the secure brochure.

Call and shoot dispatches by swiping on the screen

Samsung has a erected– in function that allows you to make calls and shoot SMS just by swiping your cutlet on the screen, and you do not indeed need to spark any special settings to use this point. All you have to do is launch your connections app and also find the contact you want to try this with. also drag your cutlet on the asked contact to the left to shoot them a textbook communicationAlso swipe right to communicate them.

Enable signal light for announcements

Some phones have a small light that lets you know you have new announcementsindeed when the phone is locked. You can choose to use the camera flash to warn you of incoming announcement and likewise, you can use the screen flash option. It cautions you when there are unlettered announcementsmissed cautions or calls, and when your battery is lowFollow the way below to enable this option

  • Enter the settings.
  • Scroll down to find Availability.
  • Tap Advanced Settings and also Flash announcement. spark the camera light or screen flash according to your preference.

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