Why are some rich and some poor?

This topic is very much in people’s minds,why some people are rich and live in luxury and why some people do not have good financial situation and they have to work hard for their basic needs.

There are several reasons that I will explain here:

1- People only judge by appearance, for example, they only see the good things and pleasures of a rich person’s life and do not pay attention to the efforts he has made or is currntly making. Generally, rich people don’t talk about their efforts and don’t do it openly. This makes it so that when someone looks at their life, they only see pleasures and pleasures, such as luxurious and valuable cars and houses, because generally financial issues are much easier to see.

2- They think that they have been inherited or that they have received it in the wrong way. People say that they have not tried for wealth and money , they blame other people’s work.

When i talk about the rich, I mean someone who has acquired health ,peace, money and every other good thing. No one is rich by inheritance. Money that is obtained without effort and no effort is made for it, does not give the owner a feeling of worth, and this lack of feeling of worth makes him unable to use that money properly, and he loses that money very quickly.

3. They think they were born in a rich family and had access to more financial resources, for example to start their own business. This is a big mistake that many people make, we all have the same access to the resources to get rich. Having money is not the factor of success and wealth. If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience and the right belief, no matter how much money you have, you will never get rich and you will just waste your money. A person with a poor mind is also poor with money. Many wealthy people have now built their current position from scratch. You have everything you need to become rich in terms of resources right now. You just don’t have the will and don’t really want to try to get rich, you’re used to your current position and prefer to relax.

4. Many people think that because rich people have had good education and job opportunities, they have a good financial situation. Many poor people are now well educated and have good job opportunities and ideas, so why don’t they become rich? These people are not willing to make an effort, even most of them did not pursue their love and interests during their studies, and they continued their studies out of compulsion and to do something, maybe something happened. Job opportunities and good ideas always come to our mind and we see and hear them all the time, but because we have focused on the unwanted and we don’t pay attention to them. We think they don’t exist. We should be like a magnet for attracting good things and desires to get and see good opportunities and ideas during the day.

Anyone who has achieved real wealth has worked for it, and the greater the wealth, the more intelligent it is because they have spent more time in the day working.
God does not discriminate between his servants and if someone has acquired wealth, it is because he has worked hard for it, and anyone who has not acquired wealth has not worked hard enough for it. The amount of work is not about how hard it is, it is about meeting the needs of more people. Definitely, the person who serves only one person during the day, his income is less than the person who serves more than 100 people during the day.
The criterion is to make money to serve more people. No one can, should not expect to earn much by serving one person.

Why are the rich getting richer and richer and the poor getting poorer every day?

Pay attention to what they don’t want and what they don’t have and are ungrateful, even Their daily gratitude is also without any previous and real feeling of satisfaction and they do not feel good about this gratitude. In this way, they become poorer and poorer every day, and rich people become richer and richer because they pay attention to good things and desires.

Today’s rich people, when they were poor, were thankful that they got here now, not that they were thankful to get rich now.


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