Why can’t we make the right decision?

The issue of decision-making is really a very important discussion and almost everyone has a problem with it.

I will give some examples of the problems that people have with decision-making:

1- I don’t know what to do? i was completely confused.

2- I don’t know if i’m in love or not? , or i don’t know who i like? Or how do i know who I am in love with? , or who should I marry?

3- Should I continue my studies or not? Or what field should I study? Or how should I study?

4- I don’t know what i want from life? Or i can’t define my goals in life.

All these cases and problems that I mentioned above are due to lack of self-knowledge. Because we do not know ourselves, we cannot make the right decision. We don’t know exactly who we are and what we want to achieve, we don’t know where we are in our life path. Until we reach self-knowledge,

we cannot make the right decision. The main problem of all those cases is the lack of self-knowledge.

The first thing we should have done in our lives was self-knowledge, and it would have been better if they told us before going to school that we should try to know our morals, behavior and character. Over time, this self-awareness was strengthened and we could make decisions more easily at a slightly older age.

For example, we see many people change their behavior and personality from childhood, for example, in dressing, they wear a style of clothing that is very different from the previous style. This is because their parents make decisions for them since they were children, and during the time when they grow up, they gradually come to know themselves, and this evolutionary knowledge causes them to change their dressing style. tick

There is nothing worse than being dependent on others, especially in the decisions that shape the course of our lives. Self-knowledge is one of the most important topics in our life. Without self-awareness, we cannot make the right decision, and we all know that making the wrong decision or listening to others’ words can lead us astray and unhappiness.

 Making a wrong decision will destroy our financial, work, emotional, health and peace of mind. Many times we cannot compensate for the damages and consequences of our wrong decision. Sometimes we destroy our life with a wrong decision.

One of the biggest advices I can give you is to know yourself and don’t follow anyone’s advice in matters related to decision making. If you take advice from others, do what you are sure is right. Sometimes others may remind you of something that will help you in your decisions. Counseling is good, but not always, and we should be aware of the fact that we are responsible for our lives and we are the final decision makers. Our lives are not important to anyone but ourselves and we should never hold others responsible for our mistakes.

I also posted a self-knowledge course on the site, where I explained most of the things that you should pay attention to in self-knowledge, so that it will help you in the process of self-knowledge.

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