Introducing 3 of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in Istanbul

1. Besiktas neighborhood of Istanbul, a European neighborhood in the heart of Turkey

Besiktas is considered one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Istanbul and is the home of famous Turkish people.

This neighborhood has many attractions, such as Dolma Baghche Palace, Besiktas Sports Stadium and famous restaurants.

5-star hotels and large commercial centers and world-famous brands have turned this area into one of the most touristic parts of Istanbul.

2. Nishan Tashi Street,Istanbul, the center of world’s most prestigious brands

Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, but because it has many attractions and amenities, people tend to buy property in this advanced city, especially in its European parts.

Nishantashi is one of the luxury neighborhoods located in the European part of Istanbul.
This area has stores with world-famous brands that you will undoubtedly like to walk and shop in these stores.
“Abdi Ipekchi” can be called as one of the beautiful side streets of Nishantashi, which has many luxurious and cozy cafes and restaurants for a party or an important date.

3. Bebek neighborhood of Istanbul, apartments with windows facing the Bosphorus

Urbanization these days has become a noisy lifestyle and sometimes we need to choose a quite area away from the crowd to live.

Bebek neighborhood is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul, which is the choice of many because of its calmness and proximity to the beautiful Bosphorus quay.

Walking along this pier and watching the view of the Bosphorus Strait will be memorable.
There are many boutiques and cafes in the Babek Park Shahri area, which attracts many tourists.

In your opinion, apart from these three, which of the other neighborhoods in Istanbul are among the most luxurious? Tell us about your experience.


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