Vienna Tourist Attractions: 16 Places To See In Vienna, Austria, The City Of Golden Dreams In Europe

Vienna, the peaceful and calm capital of austria , is  the city of music and golden dreams , which is famous in the world for its unparalleled beauty of magnificent palaces, wonderful historical landscapes, the flagship of world classical music, and its beautiful and unique nature. Vienna , which is know as the bride of Europe, is the golden gate connecting the East and west of Europe, and therefore has a very strong economy, impartial politics, and a rich and interesting culture. To see all the tourist attractions of Vienna, you must stay in this beautiful city for a few days so that you can see all the glory of this city.

stay with us in this article to read interesting tips about 16 places to see in Vienna , Austria , the city of golden dreams in Europe.

Vienna tourist attractions

1. Schönbrunn Palace 

Millions of visitors visit this magnificent palace every year and are immersed in the labyrinth of its grandeur and beauty. This beautiful palace with 1441 rooms can be called the most important tourist attraction in Vienna. The rooms of the palace are decorated with its original furniture and there are gardens designed and shaped in different styles. Also, the oldest existing zoo in the world is located in this garden, which was established in 1752. In addition to its historical attractions, this palace is considered one of the most important and unique buildings in the world in terms of architectural features. The name of Schönbrunn Palace is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2. Hofburg PalaceHofburg


This magnificent palace is the main palace of the Habsburg dynasty. Located in the center of Vienna, it was built in the 13th century and has been expanded several times. Hofburg was the imperial winter residence and Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence. Since 1946, the palace has been the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria. The square in front of the palace, Heldenplatz, was commissioned under  Franz Joseph I and was to become part of the Kaiser’s Forum, but was never completed. You can see the beautiful history of European art and architecture everywhere in this palace. In this palace, the bedrooms are made in special styles and the apartments are in classic style, which are visited a lot.

3. Vienna State Opera

If you visit this opera hall, you will see one of the most beautiful and largest theaters in the world. This hall is the place where the greatest musicians of the world perform and at least 300 opera performances are held in this hall. The Vienna State Opera or Vienna State Opera, which was founded in 1869, has a capacity of 1,709 people and the programs of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are held in this hall. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Third Reich, who was very interested in architecture, called the Vienna Opera Hall “the most magnificent opera hall in the world”. This building was built with Renaissance style architecture and its staircase has very beautiful paintings. In this building, there is also an opera tea room with very beautiful carpets. One of the interesting features of this place is the ability to display subtitles in different languages ​​such as German, English, and Italian for you. Each seat in the auditorium of this building has a monitor, and interesting information from the contents of the show is shown to you on this monitor. If you are interested in music, be sure to choose this place to visit.

4. Saint Stephen ‘s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is also known as Stephensdam. This church was built in the 12th century as a local church. Today this building is the home church of the Catholic Archbishop in Vienna. The church was destroyed in World War II, but was rebuilt after the war in a period of seven years, with daily services being held there. The cathedral, which also has a high height, is one of the most important sights in Vienna. Its amazing ceiling is covered with 230,000 shiny tiles. The cathedral has more than 18 altars, all of which were built in different historical periods and contain valuable works of art.


If you are interested in entertainment other than historical places, be sure to visit the Prater amusement park and the huge Ferris wheel. Vienna’s iconic Ferris wheel or Riesenrad is a star of the silver screen, also seen in classic films such as The Third Man Vienna Blood and Before Sunrise. The view of the city from the top of this carousel is very good. The Prater amusement park is also adjacent to it and it was once a royal hunting ground and today it is one of the most popular entertainment centers in Vienna. You can find your favorite entertainment in this park regardless of age and taste. From the usual amusement park games, to food and dance floor, and a dinosaur themed amusement park for kids. But one of the things you must do with your family in this park is to ride the big Vienna carousel. This carousel has been showing the beautiful view of the city to locals and tourists since 1896.


In the continuation of the entertainment places of Vienna, we should mention the beautiful and old Vienna Zoo, which is near the Schönbrunn Palace. Many visitors to Schönbrunn visit the oldest zoo in the world due to its location in the palace grounds. It has improved a lot in recent years, the most interesting part is probably the giant panda keeping part. Various attractions inside the building make this place a suitable place to visit in winter.

7. Hundertwasserhaus

Known as the “nature and philanthropy” house, this whimsical, charming and spectacular house was designed by the painter Frieden Reich Hundred Vasa, and was completed in 1985 with its bright and vivid colors, and its original inhabitants – Which of course is not surprising – they are artists, intellectuals and creative people (very similar to their architects). Although, you can only enjoy looking at the exterior of this colorful building, nearby is another building called Kunsthaus Vienna, a collection of apartments with a cafe terrace where you can relax for a long time and take in the surroundings. Enjoy it joyfully.


Housed in a converted palace, this museum has one of the best art collections in the world, including works by Michelangelo, Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, Rubens, Manet, Monet, Cézanne, Klimt and Warhol. About one million prints and 60,000 unique drawings of the world’s great painters are stored in this museum. This museum displays different art styles from  French Impressionists  to German Expressionists. A lot of carvings with a special alloy of gold and the parquet floors of the building have attracted the attention of many people.


Mozart is perhaps the most famous composer of all time. This is exactly why Mozart’s apartment may be interesting for tourists. There are many such tourist attractions in Vienna, such as the house of Beethoven, Haydn, etc., but this is perhaps the most impressive of them.

10. Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is a traditional club for Lipizzan horses and holds public performances at the Winter Riding School in Hofburg. The equestrian club calls these performances classic shows, but the audience can call it magic. This club has been breeding horses in this way for 400 years. 68 stallions whose ancestors were Spanish have been trained and performed in the winter riding school since 1735 AD. Horses and riders both undergo special training that lasts for years.

11.  Rathaus square

Wiener Waterhouse is the municipal building and seat of the governor of the state of Wiener. This Gothic building was built in the 1880s and on top of it is a statue of Ratusman, which is the symbol of the city of Vienna. Wiener Zathaus is currently being renovated and the renovation project is expected to last until 2023.

12. St. Charles Vienna or Karlskirche (Karlskirche)

This very beautiful baroque church is dedicated to Saint Charles Barmeo. Saint Chazler sacrificed his life to help the victims of the Black Death and his church was built in 1737. A beautiful 72-meter dome stands out on top of this church, and two victory columns with a height of 33 meters stand guard on both sides of it. On the facade of this church, you will see statues that show the angels of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The architectural style of this church is a combination of Renaissance, Greek and ancient Roman styles, along with Byzantine and Baroque styles. There is also an elevator inside the church that takes you to the top of the dome and from there you can watch the beautiful view of Vienna.

13. Belvedere Complex

Belloder Vienna is a historical palace that consists of two upper and lower pavilions built in the Baroque style, this complex also has additions such as Narenjestan, Palace stables, fountains section, this complex is in the third district of the capital and on the southeast edge. It is located, among its most prominent parts, we can refer to the museum known as the Belvedere Palace Gallery. In this palace, there are beautiful sculptures and formal staircases with glamorous decorations. The marble hall is one of the most beautiful places in this palace. There are works of artists like  (Gustave), (Klimt) and (Vengo)  in this palace. When the weather in Vienna is very hot, spending time in the French gardens of this palace is very enjoyable. You can see the best works of art in the world on the walls of this baroque style building.

14. Danube Island

Danube Island is located in the Danube River and with a length of 21 kilometers, it has provided many recreational opportunities; From walking, running, biking, and skating trails to restaurants, cafes, and barbecue platforms. If you want to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing time, this island is the right destination for you. Also, if you want to see the sights of Vienna at a height of 155 meters, be sure to visit the Danube Tower. The entire tower is 252 meters high and has a fast elevator. This elevator will take you to the height of 155 meters in 35 seconds. You can see a 360-degree view from above, which will give you a lot of excitement.

15. Kunsthistorisches Museum and Maria-Theresien- Platz

The works of art in this museum were collected by the Habsburg royal family. These works are specially related to the late Renaissance period in Italy, but you will also see works of classical Roman, Greek and Egyptian art. Some of the most famous works of art in the world, such as “Our Lady of the Plain” by Raphael, “The Art of Painting” by Vermeer, and works by Velasquez, Ruben, and Rembrandt are in this museum.

16. Vienna Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Vienna is a large collection of minerals and precious stones, meteorites, fossils, skeletons of insects and mammals and many extinct animals. NHM Vienna is one of the largest museums and non-academic research institutes in Austria and an important center of excellence for all things related to the natural sciences. This museum has 39 museum exhibition rooms with an area of ​​8,460 square meters and displays more than 100,000 objects. It houses 30 million objects that are accessible to more than 60 scientists and numerous visiting researchers who conduct fundamental research in a wide range of fields related to the humanities, earth sciences, and life sciences. The herbarium catalog code assigned to this museum is W and is used when citing herbarium specimens held.


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