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10 Reasons Smart People Doubt Themselves

Why do smart people doubt themselves? l’ve been interviewing people for over twenty years and l’ve noticed something amazing. The more intelligent a person is – in terms of awareness and  awareness, adaptation to the environment and understanding of the wider world-the more he tends to be humble. in this article, we explain 10 reasons why smart people doubt  themselves.

Smart people know how big the world is and how small their knowledge is

One reason many smart people doubt themselves is that they know the world the wide and their knowledge is limited. They may have amazing experiences and incredible ideas, but they also know that they will never know everything there is to know. They don’t even know about their favorite subjects.

Less capable, less curious people do not doubt themselves one iota. They tell the interviewer, “I’m good at all aspects of this.” They are not exaggerating – they really believe it.

This type of bragging in children is attractive and salty. But in adults, it is alarming. Unfortunately, there are many people in leadership positions who believe there is nothing to learn; Where they hire and manage other people.

When someone’s mind is closed, it is very difficult for that person to learn new things. If a person feels that there is nothing left to learn, then he has a closed mind.

I talk to job seekers almost every day. I am amazed by their stories, observations and knowledge. They say that everyone has a book inside them waiting to be released, and many people have more than one book inside of them!

It’s hard for smart people to talk about themselves

They can now start writing endlessly about their experiences. They have ideas and learnings to share with others. They’re happy to help someone solve their problem, but they may still be hesitant when it’s time to talk about themselves. Who can blame them? it’s hard to talk about yourself.

Sometimes it seems as if the “modern” business world wants everyone to be a self-promoter. We are taught to brag about our accomplishments, but there are many people who don’t feel good about doing so . Their families have brought them well!

 alone express—that you’re an expert or a person of insight.

In fact, I hope you never write “I’m an expert on this” on your LinkedIn profile or resume.

Everyone has an opinion about expertise! Let others call you a subject matter expert. When you talk or write about yourself, you can simply say what you do professionally.

“I am a research librarian” is an example. “I teach language arts at a high school” is another example. When you talk to people or when they read your LinkedIn profile, your intelligence and talent will show.

10 reasons smart people doubt themselves

1. They themselves have learned from the experts, and they don’t want to put themselves in that category.

2. They know how much they don’t know, which belittles what they really do know.

3. They know that their expertise and wisdom represent only a small part of who they really are. They never flaunt their education or experience.

4. They know that there is a vast wisdom in everyone. They don’t want to talk about themselves in a conversation.

5. They tend to focus on the experiences and qualities they don’t have rather than the experiences and qualities they do have.

6. They care more about their work and their mission than about personal branding, which pales in comparison.

7. They suffer when they are in the center of attention.

8. They get satisfaction from helping other people, not from talking about themselves.

9. They may have lost confidence in something that has happened in their professional or personal life.

10. They don’t have good role models, mentors, or supporters to tell them, “You’re amazing!” They haven’t learned how to carry their confidence with them.

Our confidence sometimes subsides!

Almost everyone struggles with self-confidence from time to time. If you are too, don’t despair – it’s normal! Our self-confidence ebbs and flows. Get outside and do something physical in nature if possible. Spend time with friends who believe in you. Make a daily journal and write down your hopes and fears. Create a dream for yourself in your mind, and write, paint or cook about it – explore it!

You are more capable than you think. Your talents will blossom in time. If you feel like you’re not doing your best right now, that’s okay.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you need to take a step forward, and other times, the best thing you can do is take a step back and remember how far you’ve come.

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