Walking in Maslak neighborhood of Istanbul


Maslak is one of the spectacular neighborhoods in sariyer, which is located in the European part of Istanbul with its eye-catching attractions.

This neighborhood, which is located on the west coast of the Bosphorus Strait, connects the European part to the Asian part of istanbul through the “Bosphorus Bridge” and has been able to attract many tourists.

in the 19th century, Maslak was covered with forest tissue, but in the 19th century,with the construction of the Maslak Palace, it became a royal residence, and gradually it became a village, and then a luxury neighborhood with modern towers, and it is currently the third most expensive district in Istanbul.

Did you know that the tallest skyscraper in istanbul is located in the Maslak area? Maslak has many commercial centers and residential projects, and the Skyland Tower,which is the tallest skyscraper in Istanbul, is located in the heart of this area.

You can’t go to Maslak but don’t be attracted to shopping in various shopping malls like wadi istanbul mall.

The Bosphorus Bridge, Maslak Palace, Algir Museum (the first private art museum), Belgrade Forest and Maslak Upside Down House are some of the must-see attractions in istanbul.

Among the facilities of this neighborhood are playgrounds, sports clubs, Turk Telecom Stadium, beautiful forest landscape and clean weather.

Cafes and restaurants are an integral part of our trips.. The most popular restaurants in Maslak; Miyabi Sushi Bar and Divan Restaurant have a wide variety of food.

Maslak neighborhood has become one of the luxury areas of Istanbul due to the residential projects and high-rise towers that are being built and has priority for investment and property purchase. If you intend to invest and buy a property in the European part of Istanbul, Maslak is a good option.

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