Galaxy s23 ultra specifications

In this article, we will check the specifications of Galaxy S23 Ultra . Galaxy s23 ultra was introduced to fans of this brand on February 1, 2023, along with Samsung flagships, and attracted everyone’s attention in the technology world with its amazing specifications. Stay with us to know the technical specifications of this model.

Galaxy s23 ultra specifications

Galaxy s23 ultra price

The price of the S23 Ultra phone in the global market has been announced in the range of 1,200 to 1,400 dollars , which is naturally not a small amount. For a long time, there were various news about the features of the S23 Ultra, most of which were related to the camera specifications of this model, and at the same time, we could predict that Samsung has a thousand-dollar flagship in production, and it will probably be the most expensive model of the S series. We will be until today. However, Samsung has set the price of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra so that its users will not be discouraged from buying it .

In addition, Samsung has not considered a 128 GB version for this model, and the minimum internal memory capacity of this phone is 256 GB. Naturally, this version has the lowest price of the S23 Ultra and will be more than the previous year.
Galaxy s23 ultra specifications, new 1401-❤️

Galaxy s23 ultra unboxing

In the box of the Samsung S23 Ultra, apart from the phone itself, you can only find the pin for removing the SIM card. Samsung has not even included the charger cable in the box. The reason for this move is to help preserve the environment, because the company has predicted that most of its users already have a number of essential tools used for phones, such as chargers, and the additional production of these parts will only increase biological waste.
This issue becomes more apparent when we realize that Samsung has reduced the use of plastic in retail packaging and also used some recycled materials obtained from fishing nets and plastic bottles in the manufacturing process of this series of phones in an effort to reduce the footprint. Carbon plays its role in the environment.
It should also be kept in mind that the extra parts inside the box are effective in the pricing of the phones, and without a doubt, the removal of these items will reduce the final price. Actually, if there were extra parts in the box of this phone, the price of the Samsung S23 Ultra phone would also increase, so in general, there is no place to criticize Samsung in this matter. It should also be mentioned that in the box of most of the S23 Ultra versions that were pre-ordered, there was a 25W adapter, but there was no news of it in the other versions.

Specifications of S23 Ultra in terms of software

The new S23 Ultra flagship is launched with One UI 5.1 based on Android 13, and as you know, Samsung supports its phones for at least 4 years in terms of operating system version updates and 5 years in terms of security updates; Therefore, there is no place to worry about the specifications or software of the Samsung S23 Ultra, and you can safely enjoy working with it for several years.
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Galaxy s23 ultra hardware specifications

In previous years, Samsung’s flagship ultra version was released in two versions, the global version of which used the new and most powerful exclusive Exynos chip, and the other version was equipped with the flagship chip of the American company Qualcomm, but this year, the new Korean giant, Samsung S23 Ultra, is only available in A version has been released and like other members of its family, it has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip inside.
  • ✔️Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip
  • ✔️ Overall score 97
  • ✔️ 4nm lithography
  • ✔️Score in Entoto benchmark 1239545
  • ✔️Geekbench score: single-core / multi-core 1491 / 5011
  • ✔️3DMark stability score: 86%
  • ✔️Graphics: 79fps
  • ✔️Score: 13243
  • ✔️GPU Adreno 740
  • ✔️Chip performance score in the game is 100
  • ✔️5G modem
 You may be asked what is the difference between Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the S23 Ultra phone and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in the same version of the previous generation? In response, it should be said that both are made with 4nm technology, but Gen 2 is more efficient and offers better performance.
 The central processor of this chip consists of 8 cores, the maximum clock rate of one of its cores reaches 3.2 GHz, but this chip is somewhat different for the 23 series of Samsung flagships and it should be said that it is overclocked; That is, its central core works with a frequency of 3.36 GHz instead of 3.2 GHz.
 It should not be mentioned that Adreno 740 also handles graphics processing of S23 Ultra.
 Due to the 4nm manufacturing technology used for Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, this chip does not get hot easily and has good stability. Not only you can easily run all 2023 graphics games on Samsung S23 Ultra, but also for at least the next 2 years, no game or program can challenge its power, and if you are a gamer, this version is an ideal option for you.
 As it is clear in the initial benchmark results of this Samsung phone, the new Snapdragon 8 generation 2 chip brings a significant improvement in single-core and multi-core performance speed to its user. These are gains that have been impressive in recent years, and finally bring the S23 Ultra closer to leading performance and ready it to compete with the Promax version of Apple’s 14 series.
 S23 Ultra comes in versions with 8GB and 12GB of RAM and 256GB to 1TB of storage space, and as expected, it does not have a slot for adding an external memory card.

Galaxy s23 ultra design

  • Galaxy s23 ultra specifications, new -❤️
 In short, about the design of the S23 Ultra, we can say that you have glass on the front and back of the phone, and an aluminum frame is placed in the middle, and all the buttons are placed on the right side. On the bottom, you’ll find a USB-C port on both, but no 3.5mm headphone jack.
 Last year, Samsung was able to attract a lot of attention with the Ultra version of its flagship, because it was reminiscent of the popular Note series; After this great reception, the Korean technology giant decided to continue this design in the new flagships. Practically, the specifications of the S23 Ultra are not significantly different from the previous version in terms of shape and appearance.
 The design of the square edge and the overall structure of this phone and the previous generation model are the same. In fact, it must be said that the S23 Ultra is so similar to its previous generation that you might get confused and not be able to tell the two apart, even the size of these two models is the same and the difference in dimensions does not even reach a millimeter.
 Of course, there are some subtle differences between these phones from the two back-to-back series that you can notice if you hold both models in your hands. The biggest of these differences is the new model’s wider, flatter bezels, which mimic the look of recent iPhones and make the S23 Ultra easier to hold and pick up from the table.
 In addition to this, the curvature of the screen has also been reduced in the new version and the protrusion of the rear cameras has increased slightly, however, it sits better on the table compared to the older model.
 The S pen, the Samsung S23 Ultra phone is designed exactly like the previous series and the color of its upper part matches the body. In terms of quality, it is at the same level and there is a delay of 2.8 milliseconds for the pen and 4096 levels of pressure on the screen digitizer, which can be said to be ideal.
 Regarding the material used in S23 Ultra, it should be said that both panels are made of glass and are protected by Gorilla Glass Victs 2, and the frame is made of aluminum armor, which is extremely resistant to impact and stretching. Do not doubt that when you hold this phone in your hand, you will feel its exemplary and premium quality.
 In fact, it can be said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra currently has the most impact resistance among normal phones. (Normal phones are models that are not tough and are not specifically designed to survive in tough conditions.)
 Support for AKG stereo speakers is also available in this version like last year. The IP68 waterproof certificate has been obtained for this phone to protect it against water and dust as much as possible, and it can actually last up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters without any problems.

Galaxy s23 ultra display

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 S23 Ultra is equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, which is exactly the same panel used in the same version last year, and its dimensions are slightly wider than a normal smartphone. This panel supports an excellent refresh rate of 1-120Hz (with LTPO 2.0 controller) and offers QHD resolution.
By default , the display is set to Vivid color mode and FHD+ resolution, but you can also increase its resolution up to WQHD+, which does not cause any problems and only slightly increases battery consumption. There is no room for criticism that Samsung used the previous generation display, because despite the passage of a year, this panel is still the best display that can be found in the mobile phone industry and there is practically no problem with it.
 The exact resolution of the display is 1440 x 3088 pixels, it has a resolution of 501 pixels per inch and it also supports displaying content with HDR10+ quality. Of course, it should also be mentioned that improvements have been made in the Vision Booster of this version, and as a result, Samsung s 23 Ultra can adjust the color tone and contrast of the screen in three different light modes.
 According to this issue, it can be said that this panel will be in its optimal state for almost any situation. As we mentioned, no changes can be seen in the S23 Ultra screen compared to the previous generation, and even its brightness is the same as the maximum. 1750 is the previous intention.
 Both phones rely on an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and are fast and reliable enough. Both also support software-based facial recognition, which is nice to have, but don’t forget that such a system can be spoofed without much effort and isn’t as secure as a 3D face unlock system.

Galaxy s23 ultra battery

  • Galaxy s23 ultra specifications, new 1401-❤️
Another part where the S23 Ultra repeats the specifications of its previous version is the battery. The battery volume is exactly the same as the previous version and has not been improved in terms of fast charging. These are as follows:
  • ✔️5000 mAh battery
  • ✔️Support for 45-watt fast charging
  • ✔️Support for 10W wireless charging
  • ✔️Support for reverse and wireless charging of 4.5 watts
 With the help of a suitable charger, the S23 Ultra can be charged from zero to about 65% in half an hour, which seems to be a good speed. Due to the large size of the battery and the optimizations that have been made in the hardware and software, there is no need to worry about charging, and you can be sure of the good life of the S23 Ultra battery.

Galaxy s23 ultra camera

 It seems that Samsung was not satisfied with the rank of its flagship camera last year in Dexomark and this year it has focused all its attention on this sector in order to be able to find a place for itself in the top 3 models of the market. This brand has once again taken a step forward in the camera industry and placed its unique quadruple camera in the S23 Ultra, and for the first time in one of its phones, it used a 200 megapixel ISOCELL HP2 sensor, the quality of which is significantly improved compared to the previous version. had.
Samsung previously released a video of this sensor’s capability on the S23 Ultra, the content of which was based on someone filming from a distance an image of a cat on a building, in which the details are remarkably clear, so that each hair Cats are seen separately.
 Except for the main Samsung S23 Ultra camera, the other lenses have not changed compared to the previous year’s version, but due to the change of the processor chip and the improvement of the ISP (image signal processing section), the overall performance of these cameras has improved and they have higher quality outputs. The specifications of the secondary lenses of the S23 Ultra camera are as follows:
  • 1- Ultrawide camera with 12 megapixel lens, f/2.2 aperture, 13 mm focal length, 120 degree coverage angle, 1/2.55 inch sensor size, 1.4 micrometer pixel size, support for Dual Pixel PDAF (auto focus) Dual pixels with phase detection), the ability to support Super Steady video (image shaking for video recording)
  • 2- Telephoto camera with 10 megapixel lens, aperture f/2.4, focal length 70 mm, sensor size 1/3.52 inches, pixel size 1.12 micrometers, the ability to support Dual Pixel PDAF (Dual Pixel autofocus with phase detection) ), support for OIS (optical image stabilization), support for 3x optical zoom
  • 3- Periscope telephoto camera with 10 megapixel lens, aperture f/4.9, focal length 230 mm, sensor size 1/3.52 inches, pixel size 1.12 micrometers, the ability to support Dual Pixel PDAF (Dual Pixel Autofocus with detection Phase), support for OIS (optical image stabilization), support for 10x optical zoom
 It is worth mentioning that in the main program of the S23 Ultra phone, you have access to the Expert RAW mode, which works better than before and can be a suitable option for landscape photography.

Galaxy s23 ultra camera photo

  • Galaxy s23 ultra specifications, new 1401-❤️

 First, see the photo sample of S23 Ultra camera in daylight and outdoor environment. By clicking on the images, you can access their original version with full resolution.

 As it is clear, Samsung has done a great job and the photo of the S23 Ultra leaves nothing to be desired. The specifications of the camera that was able to record such an image are as follows:
  • ✔️200 megapixel ISOCELL HP2 sensor
  • ✔️Aperture f/1.7
  • ✔️24 mm focal length
  • ✔️Sensor size 1/1.3 inches
  • ✔️Pixel size 0.6 µm
  • ✔️Ability to support multi-directional PDAF (multi-directional autofocus system with phase detection)
  • ✔️Ability to support Laser AF (laser auto focus)
  • ✔️Ability to support OIS (optical image stabilization)
 This camera can combine every 16 pixels and deliver 12.5 megapixel photos as output. These images are made as a result of pixel composition, have a much wider dynamic range, noise and of course less volume. You can also set the output to 50 megapixels, in which case all 4 pixels will be combined and naturally their resolution will be better.
Of course, it is possible to set the camera output to 200 megapixels, but in this case, the images will take up a lot of memory space, in addition, you will lose the advantages of the processing mode by combining pixels, and as a result, your photo will have a more limited dynamic range and more noise . .
However , for 200 megapixel photos, Samsung has included advanced Super Quad Pixel autofocus, which uses individual pixels to detect small differences and compares them from top to bottom and from left to right. to finally provide better focus.
Due to the larger size of the sensor, the quality of photos taken indoors, in low light, and even at night has improved . The image above is an example of the S23 Ultra camera in sufficient daylight and indoor environment. You can also take photos similar to the image below with the Samsung Ultra S23 phone camera in indoor environments in moderate lighting conditions.
The value of buying Galaxy s23 ultra
  • Galaxy s23 ultra specifications, new 1401-❤️
Before commenting on the purchase value of S23 Ultra, it is not bad to take a general look at the specifications and similarities of this phone with the previous generation:
  • ✔️Very familiar design and size
  • ✔️Custom version of the more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip
  • ✔️New 200 megapixel main camera
  • ✔️Super high quality display of the previous series
  • ✔️Improving the quality of photos and videos recorded at night
  • ✔️The same battery size and charging speed as the previous series
 Undoubtedly, S23 Ultra is ideal for all people who want a flagship Android phone and have no problem with the price, and it can be said with all seriousness that whatever you expect from a mobile phone, the Samsung flagship will not disappoint you, but if a smaller phone with If you want a more balanced price, we suggest you also check the Samsung S23. Maybe this model is more suitable for you.

Advantages of Galaxy s23 ultra

  • ✔️Great screen
  • ✔️Powerful hardware
  • ✔️S pen support
  • ✔️Very good impact resistance
  • ✔️Obtaining an IP68 certificate for resistance to water penetration
  • ✔️High build quality
  • ✔️200 megapixel camera
  • ✔️Good charging

Disadvantages of Galaxy S23 Ultra

  • ✔️No support for 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • ✔️The high price of the Galaxy S23 phone

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