What is the attractive nightlife of Venice?

Many tourists come to Venice every year to see the unique and beautiful architecture of Italy. Venice Italy tour and the entertainment that is included in this tour is considered a positive point for most tourists. But this is not all that attracts tourists to Italy.

The most famous nightlife in Venice

The floating city of Venice has so much beauty and charm that if you spend the entire 24 hours a day exploring it, you will still lose time. You can hardly decide which place to visit first. Step by step, this city is full of surprises and beauty. If you plan to travel to this city with Italy and Venice tour, make sure to prioritize visiting the following places.

Grand and spectacular canal of Venice, Canale Grande

One of the best night entertainments in Venice is the Grand Canal of Venice. In fact, this canal is a symbol of the city of Venice and is considered one of the scenic and recreational areas of this city, which you can visit during the 24-hour tour of Italy and Venice without paying. Seeing this channel at night is like a living postcard because of the sparkling waters and the beautiful sunset. On both sides of the canal, palaces and castles can be seen with their Gothic architecture, which leaves nothing to be said in terms of beauty.

The lively Piazza San Marco

Choose the best Venice Italy tour and go to the ever-living San Marco square in Venice nightlife. In this square, the Church of San Marco, the Duke’s Palace and many administrative and government buildings are located. The vibrancy and passion of life is always going on in this square. Just sit and enjoy its sights.

Rialto Bridge Ponte di Rialto and watch the views of the city

In the fascinating nightlife of Venice, seeing the views of the city from the Rialto bridge is indescribable. This bridge connects two important streets of Venice. You can watch the most beautiful areas of the city from this bridge at any time of the day or night. At sunrise and sunset, the vibrancy of the boats in the Venice canal is very spectacular and enjoyable.

Don’t forget to sail the canals of Venice

It is not for nothing that Venice is called the floating city on the water. One of the best and most attractive nightlife in Venice is boating in the Abraha. In this city, instead of roads and cars, waterways and boats should be used to go to different routes. The best time to go to the waterways is at dusk and at night. You can see the most beautiful scenery during these times. You can go to different destinations by boat and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this city along the way.

Restaurants and cafes in Venice

One of the most common and attractive nightlife in Venice is visiting cafes and restaurants. Venice bars sometimes operate until midnight. Venice Italy tour tourists can fully enjoy Italian food served by expert Italian chefs. The restaurants serve a variety of meat and seafood dishes.

Traditional Venetian bars serve cicchetti (tapas-like snacks) to locals and tourists alike. Citches are the most common and reasonably priced snack in Venice.

Ephesus Bridge, a beautiful and white bridge on the water channel

Visiting the bridges, especially at sunset, has a unique and extraordinary effect in Venice’s attractive nightlife. The little Ephesus bridge is located between the city prison and the Doge’s Palace. The bridge was built right over the Rio di Palazzo by Antonio Contino. The reason for the name of this bridge is that most of the people who were sent from the palace to the prison were sentenced to death and watched the city for the last time on this bridge.

The bridge is made of limestone and there are decorative sculptures with angry and sad faces on it. At night, seeing this bridge and the beauty of the city from it is not without grace.

Murano and Burano, an area with colorful houses

In the tour of Italy and Venice, one cannot neglect the good nightlife of Venice. A visit to Burano Murano will complete your entertainment on the trip. Take a boat ride on the lagoon to reach this area. The legendary Glass Glass House is located in this area. On both sides of the canal, there are various exhibitions and glass shops where you can find all kinds of cheap and expensive rhinestones. The Glass Museum is also located in the Justinian Palace, which houses the largest collection of Venetian glass from the time of the ancient Romans to the 20th century.

Lido, Europe’s first beach resort

Lido is another fascinating nightlife in Venice. The 12-kilometer sandy strip of Lido separates the lagoon of Venice from the Adriatic Sea. This resort is a place to take risks 24 hours a day. At the beginning of the 20th century, royal families used to swim in this place. Today, large hotels that have been built in this area are still welcoming guests. If you want to go to the public beaches, you can go to the northern end of the island near the church of San Niccolo. In this coastal area, in addition to swimming, you can walk or ride a bike and visit the magnificent villas and hotels of this area. You can stay at the beach resort and enjoy the mild climate.

Night visit to Salitzada San Moise street

It is impossible to travel to this dreamy city with an Italy-Venice tour and not pay attention to the attractive nightlife of Venice. “Salizada San Moise” shopping street is one of the best places where you can do your shopping. The location of this street and its proximity to the square and the church of San Marco have made almost all tourists visit it. If you enjoy shopping, you can go to the shopping malls of this area at night and buy a variety of items from different Italian brands.

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